NIGHTMARE Fuel – Kim Jong Un Makes His Move!

( – New military maneuvers from the “hermit kingdom” of North Korea and its autocrat Kim Jong Un have been revealed to the Western public, CNN reported. The country warned Japan that the country will launch a military satellite.

In response to Pyongyang, Japan warned that its defense ministry was on standby to use “destructive measures” against any missile fire from North Korea, CNN reported. 

Despite the threats from the autocrat, the missile launch proved unsuccessful, and the rocket carrying the military satellite crashed into the South China Sea, NBC News reported. The satellite was launched by what the Western powers referred to as “banned” missile technology, NBC reported. The satellite was intended to be an intelligence satellite, with the purpose of conducting surveillance on the United States.

The launch attempt triggered civilian warnings in Seoul, South Korea, and Japan, NBC News reported. While there was temporary “chaos,” civilians were later told the warning was a “mistake.” Reportedly, pieces of the satellite were recovered by South Korea. 

At the time of this report, President Biden and U.S. officials were “assessing” the situation. The United States was conducting communications with allies, NBC News broadcasters explained. 

In spite of the condemnation by Western allies, who stated that the ballistic missile technology used in the launch “directly violates” U.N. laws, North Korea has promised another launch, ABC News reported. 

Earlier in 2023, the hermit kingdom had been vocally critical of the United States’ position in the Russo-Ukrainian conflict. Leaders of North Korea accused the United States government of fueling a “proxy war” to destroy the Russian Federation, by providing Ukraine with an arsenal to defeat the Russian incursion into its territory, New York Post reported. These statements were reportedly made by the autocrat’s sister, Kim Yo Jong. Jong expressed “concern” about the United States’ activity and stated that the U.S. had crossed a “red line” by providing the arsenal. 

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