North Korea Orders LAUNCH – Kim Jong Un’s Power Play!

North Korea Fires Artillery Shells Near Border With South Korea

North Korea Fires Artillery Shells Near Border With South Korea

( – Multiple weapons tests this year have heightened tensions between North and South Korea. Seoul believes these actions simulate nuclear attacks, and Kim Jong-un’s regime has shown no signs of slowing down despite the threat of sanctions. Most recently, Seoul accused North Korea, or the DPRK as it’s alternatively known, of firing hundreds of artillery shells into an agreed safe zone, violating a 2018 agreement between the countries.

On Tuesday, October 18, the DPRK military fired an estimated 250 rounds, 100 off its west coast and 150 off its east coast. On Wednesday, it fired another 100 artillery shells. Pyongyang officials called the move a “serious warning” to its southern neighbor, which recently started its annual defense drills.

The shells landed in the maritime buffer zone, created following a 2018 agreement to cut down tensions between the two countries. Both the US State Department and South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff have called on the DPRK to cease its threatening actions.

The US will participate in joint training exercises with South Korea later this month to improve combat readiness and prepare for a possible attack. North Korea sees the effort as a precursor to an invasion by the two countries, prompting continuous missile test launches in a show of strength. The latest involved an intermediate-range ballistic missile that flew over Japan, sparking temporary panic.

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