Nuclear EXPLOSION Threat – Engineering Student Arrested!

Student Threats to Blow up Nuclear Reactor Over Football Game Lead to Charges

Student Threats to Blow Up Nuclear Reactor Over Football Game Lead to Charges

( – Sports fans tend to be passionate about their teams. A win or loss often elicits a strong reaction, although sometimes the person goes just a bit too far. One student at the University of Utah definitely pushed boundaries when she made a threatening social media post detailing what she would do if her team lost.

On Wednesday, September 21, authorities took 21-year-old Meredith Miller into custody for “making terroristic threats.” In a post on Yik Yak, she reportedly said she would set off the campus’ nuclear reactor, a component of the school’s specialized engineering program if the Utes didn’t win the game.

University police arrested the student when, during questioning, she confessed to posting the message. Police Chief Jason Hinojos said, “We have a zero-tolerance policy for these kind[sic] of threats.” The authorities booked Miller into the Salt Lake County Jail. At this point, it’s unclear whether she has an attorney, and calls to her family have gone unanswered.

There’s no telling whether Miller was just joking, as she claims, but the university wanted to assure the public that the reactor is secure. Not only is an alarm system in place to protect the property, but local police also have protocols should a breach occur.

Do you think the threat warranted the authorities’ swift actions?

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