NY Mayor Adams Laughs At Question About FBI Seizures

(DailyVantage.com) – New York’s mayor, Eric Adams, recently laughed at a reporter’s question about the FBI seizing phones and an iPad in the mayor’s possession. Adams is currently the focus of a corruption probe headed by the FBI, as are multiple members of Adams’ staff. During a press conference hosted by Adams, the mayor dodged a reporter’s question regarding other phone seizures by the FBI and laughed when asked if the FBI seized other staff members’ property. The press conference pertained to a new transportation announcement involving helicopters, and Adams’ staff quickly criticized the reporter for asking an off-topic question.

Following the question regarding the FBI, Adams quickly shifted focus to the demonstration at the press conference and did not address the ongoing corruption probe in his office. Adams isn’t addressing the scandal but maintains he isn’t facing any criminal accusations and is not involved in corruption. The FBI recently raided the home of an Adams campaign worker, Brianna Suggs, causing Adams to cancel a scheduled visit to the White House.

Following the raid, the FBI seized multiple phones and an iPad from Adams. Adams’ attorney addressed the raid publicly and assured the citizens of New York that Adams was cooperating with the FBI in its investigation. The investigation into Adams involves allegations that shortly after winning office, Adams pressured city officials to open a building to the Turkish consulate, among other things.

According to reports, the New York Fire Department had safety concerns about opening the high-rise and believed the building posed a fire hazard. The fire department also found that the building needed more construction work before opening to the general public. Adams allegedly used his position as mayor to aid the Turkish government in opening a massive $300 million building.

The allegations claim that Adams aided the Turkish consulate in return for illegal foreign donations to his mayoral campaign. Adams is suspected of cooperating with Turkey’s government, including Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for financial gain. Although the allegations against Adams involved the Turkish consulate scandal, the details surrounding the corruption probe remain unknown.

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