NYC Hospital Worker Accused In Stabbing Spree

( – New York authorities recently charged a man with multiple counts of attempted murder and other crimes after he allegedly carried out a stabbing spree across one of New York City’s boroughs. According to New York police, 27-year-old Jermain Rigueur attacked citizens in Queens, starting his stabbing spree on January 8th. Despite Rigueur allegedly attacking multiple people, including an older man, his alleged stabbing spree didn’t result in any fatalities. Authorities charged Rigueur for five different incidents and are investigating his potential involvement in an attack that unfolded on a subway platform.

Rigueur allegedly began his stabbing spree just eight days into the year when he attacked a grandfather who worked at a local Queens laundromat. Police accused Rigueur of stabbing the older man in the back while he worked before fleeing the scene. According to the victim, Rigueur turned around and smiled at him while he fled the stabbing. Shortly after Rigueur allegedly attacked the laundromat worker, other incidents occurred.

One such incident occurred the following day when an unknown assailant stabbed a woman while she walked home from her workplace. The following morning, three additional attacks occurred, resulting in severe injuries to three victims. After authorities learned about the stabbing spree, police issued a public safety warning and notified citizens that they began a manhunt. Just hours after the announcement, police arrested Rigueur and started an official investigation.

After arresting Rigueur, police began speculating about his involvement in a similar attack that occurred on a subway platform in Brooklyn. The subway stabbing took place just hours after Rigueur allegedly attacked the three victims, causing speculation that he’s responsible for the attack. Rigueur allegedly committed the stabbing spree after the hospital he worked for placed him on administrative leave, and authorities confirmed that Rigueur doesn’t have a criminal record.

Prosecutors charged Rigueur for the five stabbings and could pursue additional charges if an investigation reveals his involvement with the subway stabbing. Rigueur is facing three charges of attempted murder, four charges of assault, and one charge of attempted assault. Rigueur also faces a weapon charge relating to the crime. Various surveillance cameras captured the stabbing attacks on video, which provided police with the evidence required to arrest Rigueur. If convicted, Rigueur could spend decades behind bars.

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