NYPD Investigating Social Media Posts After Mass Shooting

NYPD Investigating Social Media Posts After Mass Shooting

(DailyVantage.com) – A gunman opened fire on a New York City subway train heading from Brooklyn to Manhattan, leaving nearly two dozen people injured on the morning of Tuesday, April 12. After a day-long manhunt, the NYPD arrested 62-year-old Frank James in connection with the crime. Now, officials are pointing to and investigating the suspect’s disturbing social media posts and wondering why authorities and social media outlets didn’t do more to prevent the tragic incident.

On Wednesday, April 13, NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) told CNN during an interview YouTube should have flagged videos of James ranting and even referencing Adams and notified law enforcement officers to review the posts. “We are watching signs around us of [individuals] who [lean] towards violent actions and ignoring them,” Adams said, adding people must do more to stop would-be criminals or those suffering from mental health issues from escalating from rants and disturbing posts to taking action.

According to The Daily Beast, one of James’ posts said Adams’ “blueprint for gun violence” was “doomed to fail.” Another referenced the 9/11 attacks as glorious. Additionally, James often spoke of his mental health issues and said NYC’s system for helping patients was enough to make someone “go and get a gun and shoot” people.

Do you think the social media platforms hosting these posts should have flagged them for review? Should this be a matter of “see something, say something” in action?

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