NYPD Uses Dump Truck to Shield Trump from Media at Courthouse

(DailyVantage.com) – The New York Police Department recently used a dump truck to shield Trump from media outlets attempting to film the former president as he enters or exits a courthouse, which some online commenters claim shows New York’s law enforcement’s support of Trump. Blocking the media from capturing Trump as he attends his ongoing criminal proceedings in New York City isn’t the first instance of the city’s police supporting the former president, as the department’s staff has a long history of endorsing Trump.

Trump has supported the New York Police Department on multiple occasions throughout his political career, including his attendance at a recent ceremony to commemorate a New York police officer who died during a shootout. Trump attended the ceremony and paid his respects to the fallen officer, while President Joe Biden hosted a fundraiser and failed to address the officer’s tragic passing. Many law enforcement officers throughout the United States support Trump over Biden due to the former president’s outspoken disdain for criminals and his campaign promises to reduce the national crime rate that’s climbed substantially over the past few years.

Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign saw a surge of endorsements from law enforcement officers, with some political experts claiming that approximately 900,000 members of law enforcement openly supported Trump. In 2020, Trump famously campaigned on a promise to reduce crime, specifically crime caused by people who’ve illegally entered the United States, a political promise echoed in Trump’s 2024 campaign. Trump blames President Biden for the United States’ growing crime rates, which the former president claims stems from Biden’s failure to secure the southern United States border from illegal immigrants with criminal records.

Despite the support from police officers, Trump currently faces criminal proceedings in multiple states, including New York and Georgia. The former president stands accused of election interference, mishandling classified documents, and making “hush money” payments to prevent women from detailing their relationships with him. Although Trump’s ongoing New York criminal trial remains a top story amongst American media outlets, the former president remains immensely popular amongst conservative demographics.

The NYPD isn’t just committed to protecting Trump from members of the media, as the department has increased New York City’s security for the remainder of his criminal trial. Trump’s status as the most likely Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential election could result in a potential attack or coordinated protest against the former president, causing New York law enforcement to fear for Trump’s safety. Despite the heightened risk surrounding Trump’s ongoing criminal proceedings, he remains confident he’ll be found not guilty and win the 2024 presidential race.

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