One of Trump’s Most Important Orders Is Being Reversed by Biden

One of Trump's Most Important Orders Is Being Reversed by Biden

Trump Order Reversed – Biden’s Shutting It Down

( – Upon taking office, President Joe Biden made no bones about undoing all of his predecessor’s work — whether it benefitted the country or not. Biden took aim at immigration policies, reversing all of former President Donald Trump’s hard work in establishing funding and construction of the border wall and trying to undo Title 42. Now, the current administration has repealed changes the former president made to the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

On Wednesday, July 20, the US Fish and Wildlife Service announced it had rescinded the last of Trump’s changes to the ESA. During his time in office, the former president modified several provisions of the legislation, including granting private landowners the right to declare the exclusion of their property as protected habitat if it would cause them economic harm. With the reversal, the Interior secretary will regain the authority to determine designations regarding wildlife and critical habitat designations.

Earlier this month, a judge threw out other Trump-era changes to the ESA, claiming they weakened protections for many plant and animal species. Both conservation specialists and environmental organizations praised the Biden Administration for its work, saying it’s a win for “our nation’s rich biodiversity.

Do you agree with the Biden Administration’s actions in rolling back Trump-era changes?

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