Pastor Praises Trump, Criticizes Biden and Obama for Never “Coming to the hood”

( – A recent event hosting former president Donald Trump at a black church in Detroit was packed, with the pastor of the church thanking the former chief executive for coming “to the hood”, as opposed, he said to President Joe Biden and former president Barack Obama whom he claimed never visited poorer black communities.

“I’m so humbled that you would be here.” Lorenzo Sewell, the pastor of 180 Church in Detroit, Michigan, told the former president. The pastor said that even former president Obama “never came to the hood.”

Sewell added that Biden, attended big glitzy events “but he never came to the hood” either and thanked Trump for his visit.

“My honor,” the former commander-in-chief responded.

According to the Trump campaign, the event was a “surprise roundtable” and not really planned. Sewell also said that he initially thought that he was being pranked when members of Team Trump reached out to ask him if he would have the former president at his church.

However, some pointed out that while the 180 Church’s congregation was predominantly black, much of those who packed the pews during Trump’s visit were white, which defeated the purpose of the Trump campaign to connect with black voters.

“It’s all lies, smoke, and mirrors,” senior adviser to anti-Trump Lincoln Project Jeff Timmer posted on Twitter / X. “Don’t fall for the ******** propaganda,” he added.

Other videos and photos of the event posted on social media, however, do show a number of black people attending the event.

Sewell said that he is taking no political sides, and agreed to host the event in order to bring to the fore the issues the black community is facing. He added that any political leader was welcome to come to the church to get prayed over.

Also seen attending the event were Ben Carson the former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Republican Michigan Representative John James and Republican Florida Representative Byron Donalds. Carson and Donalds are among the rumored candidates Trump could pick to be his running mate.

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