Pence Lays It DOWN – Is This Too Far?

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence took to the campaign trail and stated that the allegations against former President Donald Trump are “very serious” and that he “can’t defend,” them. Pence’s statements followed the indictment and arraignment of the former president in a Miami federal court.

Pence told CNBC’s Squawk Box that he could not “defend” what had been alleged against Trump. Because of his own role as the former vice president and because of his son’s role as a Marine, Pence said, he believes it has been a “sad” day for America.

In addition to his statements about how sobering it was for the United States to criminally charge one of its former Commanders-in-Chief, Pence stated that, in his view, the indictments had been politically motivated.

Pence said the  best move forward would be to “clean house.” In his view, the opportunity to serve as the next president of the United States would be a “privilege” and he stated that it would also be an effort to guide the United States under “new leadership.” Pence said that if he were to attain the presidency, he would find service members who were “universally respected” across the American bipartisan system.

Reporters asked Mr. Pence how he stood a chance against the former president, and whether he questioned if GOP voters would consider that it was a bad idea to have Mr. Trump in office again, even though they formerly supported his politics. At the time of this report, Mr. Trump was skyrocketing in GOP primary polls, and, following his federal indictment by Special Council Jack Smith, had raised “$6.6 million” toward his campaign efforts.

Pence stated that he didn’t hope for anyone else “to fail” but rather that he would “prevail” and that, based on his many years of experience, he believed he would be a good candidate to give the country new leadership. He said that this was “no time” for a presidential candidate to need “on-the-job” training.

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