Pentagon Admits Joe Biden May Have Empowered Al Qaeda

Pentagon Admits Joe Biden May Have Empowered Al Qaeda

Pentagon Drops BOMBSHELL On Joe Biden – This Exposes Him!

( – When President Joe Biden withdrew troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, former President Ashraf Ghani fled the country, which quickly fell to the Taliban. There was no doubting how badly the administration botched the mission when evacuation forces had to leave many Americans and allies behind. Now, a new Department of Defense (DOD) report shows the withdrawal could have even more devastating long-term consequences — empowering another terrorist organization.

The report summarizes the missions to thwart terrorist threats coming from Afghanistan for the first quarter of the year. Specifically, it deals with the previous, called Operation Freedom’s Sentinel (OFS), and the current, called Operation Enduring Sentinel (OES).

Acting Inspector General Sean W. O’Donnell acknowledged, “The level of terrorist activity in Afghanistan this quarter was mixed,” with al-Qaeda maintaining a relatively low profile, though O’Donnell believes that was at the Taliban’s request while it gains a foothold as the official government.

Still, despite the low level of activity, the US government believes within the next year or two, the Taliban will start loosening its restrictions on al-Qaeda, which is bad news. Should this happen, the terrorist organization would be free to move about and start recruiting and training again.

The report also outlines the US intelligence services’ limited ability to track these organizations, especially with “the loss of human intelligence on the ground.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken previously warned that the regrouping of al-Qaeda could be enough to threaten the US within a year.

Do you think al-Qaeda will pose a future threat to the US?

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