Pentagon Reports Attacks On US Troops Have ‘Iranian Fingerprints All Over’

( – According to an official from the Pentagon, the recent attacks on United States armed forces located in the Middle East are likely originating from Iran. Attacks on American troops increased following Hamas’ invasion of Israel, and so far they haven’t resulted in any casualties.

The attacks are being carried out through the use of unmanned attack drones, which target military installations housing United States troops. The attacks are being orchestrated by Iran, according to some United States intelligence officials, and are likely a response to the United States’ ongoing support of Israel’s sovereignty. The report from the Pentagon also indicates that Iran is financing various extremist groups around the region, including ISIS. Officials believe the attacks will become more prevalent in the coming weeks as the conflict between Israel and Hamas develops further.

Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel shocked many, but other press outlets reported that Hamas used phone lines and a complex tunnel system to plan out the surprise attack for over two years. According to reports, Hamas operatives used hardwired phone lines in their hidden tunnels to orchestrate a surprise attack on Israel, as the landlines prevented Israeli intelligence officials from tracking or intercepting communications between members of Hamas. Hamas operatives also avoided using modern technology like smartphones or computers to avoid being tracked, which is how Hamas carried out the surprise attack without being discovered. According to Israeli officials, Hamas has used the complex tunnel network for over 15 years.

Israel’s response to Hamas is escalating, as the bombardment of the Gaza Strip by Israeli forces is still underway. The bombardment isn’t the only effort being taken by Israel to reduce Hamas’ presence in the area, as a ground invasion by the Israeli Defense Force is expected to occur sometime in the coming weeks. United States officials are requesting a postponement of the invasion so the United States can rescue American hostages in Hamas’ custody before Israel begins its counter-attack on Hamas. So far, Hamas has only released two hostages, and United States officials believe at least ten more Americans remain in Hamas’ custody.

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