Photos Show Where a SpaceX Rocket Crashed on a Sheep Farm

Photos Show Where a SpaceX Rocket Crashed on a Sheep Farm

New Photos – Where an Alleged SpaceX Rocket Crashed…

( – When spaceships launch, the rocket boosters fall off and return to Earth, typically landing in the ocean. Agencies track the trunks to determine where they’ll come down, sometimes choosing to retrieve the pieces for proper disposal when possible. Still, sometimes the boosters hit land instead, as happened last month when an Australian sheep farmer and his neighbors discovered space junk in their yards.

On July 9, a sonic boom and giant fireball raced above Australia as the SpaceX Crew-1 Trunk re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere. A few days later, residents of the New South Wales area started discovering debris in their yards. Mick Miners, a sheep farmer, owns a ranch south of Jindabyne. On July 25, he found a charred object on his property but had no idea what it was. His neighbors had similar findings. Experts believe it’s space junk from the rocket.

Miner reached out to Dr. Brad Tucker, a professor at Australian National University, who, upon examining the pieces, suspected they were the real thing.

Space junk hitting land is a somewhat rare occurrence because debris typically burns up as it enters the atmosphere. Usually, space agencies seek to recover the pieces and pay the cost of retrieval.

SpaceX has not responded to requests for comments.

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