Photos Show Zuckerberg’s Athletic Frame As Battle Rumors Fly

( – Ahead of a potential cage fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg has been showing off his athletic frame on social media in a public relations move to hype his performance by demonstrating his training process. In an Instagram post, Zuckerberg is pictured with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champions Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski. When compared with Musk’s physique, some believe that Zuckerberg could have the upper hand in the ring.

The conflict between the two tech giants began when Zuckerberg’s Meta released a new app called “Threads,” which some in the tech industry have nicknamed the “Twitter killer” due to its overlapping focus on public discussions. Threads have already gained over 30 million users, posing a threat to Musk’s Twitter, and this has been reflected in the rhetoric Musk has used on his platform.

“Zuck is a cu*k,” Musk tweeted before proposing a “literal d*ck measuring contest” between the two, which demonstrates that the pre-game drama is ramping up. UFC president Dana White even confirmed that the two had agreed to a match, potentially in the Vegas Octagon; however, logistics would need to be worked out before any guarantee was made on such a matchup.

While the clash inside the ring would be a sight to behold, there is also the continuing conflict between the social media platforms and their operations. Despite Meta being the biggest possible competitor Twitter could face, internal layoffs and setbacks in artificial intelligence have prevented them from being as strong of a threat recently.

However, Twitter has had logistical issues recently, with Musk even temporarily limiting the number of tweets users could read. While this was allegedly to prevent artificial intelligence, bots, and others from scraping data off the website, there is the possibility that it could be a failure to renew a subscription to Google Cloud.

As the drama between Zuckerberg and Musk escalates, the future of the tech industry and social media influence will continue to unfold, proving a historic moment in communications.

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