Pit Bull Breeder Fatally Attacked by His Own Dogs

(DailyVantage.com) – Authorities claim a man who spent his time breeding pit bulls got fatally attacked by some of the animals he bred in the area where he kept the dogs he raised. The deceased man’s girlfriend found his body in a kennel area located in his backyard, with signs of a struggle present at the scene. Authorities arrived shortly after the woman reported the grisly sight and found the area where the mauling occurred. Police have a general sense of when the mauling took place, which indicates the man’s body remained in the kennel for almost a day before his girlfriend found it.

While the details surrounding the tragic mauling remain scarce, authorities confirmed they found footage of the incident, which could answer investigators’ questions. In the footage, the man reportedly entered a kennel and began feeding the pit bulls scattered throughout his backyard when some of the dogs in the kennel started fighting one another. After the fighting escalated, multiple pit bulls began attacking the man, resulting in his fatal injuries.

Animal control collected 13 pure-bred pit bulls from the man’s backyard and will inquire whether any pit bulls need to be put down for being too dangerous. Although authorities haven’t announced why the man bred pit bulls, a spokesperson for animal control claimed the man sold pit bulls before his death. The unnamed man’s father is also cooperating with authorities and provided consent for animal control to take possession of the pit bulls.

According to Marcia Mayeda, the director of California’s Department of Animal Control, members of the community should consider the tragic mauling and educate themselves about the potential danger of certain animals. Mayeda also said that animal control officials are saddened by the incident and seek to prevent similar fatal attacks. A spokesperson for an animal rescue group in Compton shared similar sentiments online and cited the lack of knowledge about pit bulls as a contributing factor in the breeder’s death.

Damian Wesley, who works for the aforementioned Compton group, said that he’s saddened it took a death to raise awareness about dangerous dog breeds. Wesley stated that he hopes people will remember the tragic mauling and pay attention to how dogs can kill someone who isn’t cautious. Wesley then cautioned dog owners to take care of their pets, as they could potentially end their owners’ lives.

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