Played Like a PUPPET – GOP Pulls Biden’s Strings

( – Representative Dusty Johnson recently said in an interview that the debt ceiling agreement is a big win for the Republican party, saying that the deal was going to cut non-defense and non-VA spending back to “2022 levels.” Johnson’s comments echo what other politicians have been saying for weeks leading up to Joe Biden’s compromise with Kevin McCarthy, that Biden’s willingness to bend would secure another major victory for the Republican members of the United States government.

Biden was notoriously refusing to reach a resolution, and was even considering other potential options to avoid making a deal with the opposing party. Despite this it seems as though Biden didn’t have the time to effectively find an alternative solution, and he was forced to come to the table and cut a deal with McCarthy. Biden’s refusal to compromise isn’t surprising however, as cutting a deal with Republicans will no doubt hurt the current president’s standing within his own party and its officials.

The debt ceiling agreement would allow for the federal government to continue to borrow money until after the 2024 election cycle, which is already quickly becoming a hotly contested presidential race. Biden seems aware that the debt ceiling issue will be instrumental in the upcoming campaign, and that reaching a compromise with Republicans wouldn’t be in his favor. Biden even went so far as to say that should a deal not be met, he would be blameless. Despite his reluctance it seems that Biden was left with no choice but to make a deal, providing Republicans with a major win in policy. 

Biden even went against the wishes of his own party members in an effort to prevent the US from defaulting on its debts, with some Democrats calling on Biden to use the 14th Amendment in an effort to avoid giving the Republicans any wins. While the legality of using the 14th Amendment isn’t certain, Biden seemed to be considering such a move for some time leading up to the negotiation. 

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