PlayStation Executive Busted After Sting Operation

PlayStation Executive Busted After Sting Operation

( – Pedophilia is a real problem in the United States, with multiple agencies combining forces to catch offenders and put them behind bars. Some people, however, take matters into their own hands, forming sting operations in hopes of catching criminals in the act. One such YouTube-based operation, People v. Preds, reportedly caught a high-profile executive who lost his job as a result.

On December 3, the group outed George Cacioppo, senior vice president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, as an alleged sex offender using screenshots and a live video on People v. Preds. Posing as a 15-year-old boy on Grindr, channel operators for the YouTube page claim Cacioppo, who listed himself as “Jeff,” tried to solicit them. He went so far as to invite the “boy” to his house — despite knowing his age.

A decoy surprised Cacioppo instead of the boy, however. After realizing the decoy was filming him, he ducked inside his house, but not before the camera recorded his entire face.

People v. Preds sent all of the data to the San Diego County District Attorney. It’s unclear whether the police department will file charges against Cacioppo, but Sony immediately terminated him.

If the allegations prove true, knowing Cacioppo worked for a company and product line that attracts so many children is disturbing. Do gaming systems regularly open children up to the possibility of this type of danger? It could be a terrifying thought.

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