Police Discover Deceased Doctor in Icy Pond

Police Discover Deceased Doctor In Icy Pond

(DailyVantage.com) – More than half a million people go missing every year in America. Sometimes, they leave of their own volition, but other times, bad actors are to blame. On December 24, Blackman-Leoni Public Safety issued an alert on Facebook to notify residents that nobody had seen or heard from Bolek Payan, a Jackson, Michigan, doctor, in days. Unfortunately, the case had a sad ending.

On Tuesday, December 27, authorities found Payan dead in a pond near his home. Police used his home security system to track his whereabouts. After a land search with drones and K-9 units proved fruitless, they turned to the pond.

How Payan ended up in the pond remains unclear, but authorities believe he died before anyone activated the missing person alert. The weather in the area was brutally cold due to the arctic front that came through just before the holidays. Authorities hope to obtain more answers during an autopsy when the medical examiner’s office will perform toxicology tests.

The deadly weather front produced a so-called “once-in-a-lifetime” blizzard, according to Inside Edition. Outlets have blamed the intense bomb cyclone storm, Elliott, for more than 50 deaths across 12 states, nearly half of which occurred in upstate New York.

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