Police Find Family of Four And Three Dogs Dead In Illinois

(DailyVantage.com) – According to authorities in Romeoville, Illinois, a family of four and their three dogs were found dead after a concerned relative contacted police and requested a wellness check. Police believe the person responsible is still out there and have ruled out the possibility of one of the deceased family members at the scene being responsible.

The timeline of the heinous crime is unknown, but police speculate it occurred between Saturday night and Sunday morning. According to the family’s neighbors, the family was new to the area and rarely left the house or interacted with anyone in the area. Despite this, there is no indication that a family member was involved in the tragic deaths, prompting the police to begin a search for the person responsible. So far, there are no known suspects or indications of what occurred, but police assure the public they are working tirelessly to find answers.

While police aren’t releasing any information regarding a potential suspect, they have claimed the violent crime was not random. So far, the only definitive details known to the public are that the deaths of the family and the dogs resulted from gunshot wounds, and the person responsible for the crime is still at large. Despite fears of another similar crime, officials claim the public does not have to remain indoors and that the incident is unlikely to be repeated. The victims of the heinous crime were 38, 32, seven, and nine years old. The shooting deaths occurred just 30 miles outside of Chicago.

According to the Romeoville Police Department, the family of four was likely targeted by the perpetrator of the crime for unknown reasons. Romeoville is a city of approximately 40,000 people and rarely sees violent crimes, let alone quadruple murders like the aforementioned heinous act. While details regarding the crime are scarce, the investigation into the shooting deaths is ongoing, with more information to follow once the Romeoville Police Department releases details. According to Romeoville authorities, the investigation is currently a top priority.

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