Post-Debate Poll: 72% Says Biden Unfit to Serve

( – Following his abysmal performance in the first presidential debate against former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden has faced growing criticism and calls for him to end his re-election campaign.

Media outlets have also called for Biden to step down, and polls indicate that most potential voters agree that Biden isn’t fit to serve another term as the chief executive. CBS News conducted a poll alongside YouGov, which found that approximately 72% of eligible voters believe Biden lacks the mental or physical health required to serve another sentence successfully.

Although calls for Biden to drop out of the presidential election have persisted over the last few months, the president faced renewed criticism following his debate with Trump. Throughout the entire live-streamed event, Biden repeatedly stuttered and seemed incapable of answering questions from CNN’s moderators. Biden also made several bizarre statements with no relevance to the questions presented, prompting some Democratic officials and voters to feel as though the president has suffered a severe decline in his mental health.

Democratic voters support Biden’s reelection bid, but many liberals have stated they feel Biden could not hold the presidency. Before his poor debate performance, only 29% of Democrats said they didn’t believe Biden should remain the Democratic Party’s nominee. Following his appearance at the debate, 41% said they wanted the Democratic Party to appoint a replacement nominee to take Biden’s spot.

The Democratic Party has already started considering whether Biden should drop out of the race, prompting Biden’s campaign to contact other Democrats and donors to argue against the drastic measure. According to Biden’s campaign, the president remains the most popular member of the Democratic Party, and having Biden step down could result in Trump gaining support and outperforming his replacement. Among the potential replacements listed by the Biden campaign are Vice President Kamala Harris and Governor Gavin Newsom (D-California), who poll similarly to Biden against Trump.

Biden’s campaign also addressed the president’s poor debate performance, citing physical health issues as the cause of Biden’s strange answers and mannerisms during the event. According to a staffer for Biden’s reelection campaign, Biden had a fever during the event and was thus incapable of focusing throughout the debate. Biden’s family also defended the president’s behavior during the debate, blaming Biden’s staff for inadequately preparing him for the debate against Trump.

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