Postal Worker Dead After Nightmare Dog Attack

Postal Worker Dead After Nightmare Dog Attack

Postal Worker Dead – Breakdown Turns Fatal!

( – Postal workers have to deal with all kinds of situations on the job. They work through inclement weather, and depending on the region where they work, they may encounter various hazards. Yet a Putnam County, Florida, mail carrier couldn’t have anticipated what happened to her.

On Sunday, August 21, 61-year-old Pamela Jane Rock was in her postal vehicle when it broke down in a rural area. While she waited for help to arrive, several dogs in the area broke through a nearby fence and attacked her. Neighbors tried to intervene, with one firing warning shots to scare off the animals. It didn’t work.

When authorities arrived on the scene, the woman was bleeding profusely. They applied tourniquets to her wounds while waiting for paramedics. Rock’s injuries were so severe that doctors amputated an arm trying to save her life. Unfortunately, she passed away on the evening of August 22.

Authorities subsequently seized the five dogs involved in the attack and set a schedule to euthanize the animals. According to reports, dispatchers sent police and animal control to the area more than once over the past few years, though it wasn’t clear why. Authorities are currently investigating, and based on their findings, the animals’ owners could face charges.

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