Power Play UNLEASHED – Newsom Fines School District $1.5M

(DailyVantage.com) – California Governor Gavin Newsom announced last week that the Temecula Valley Unified School District will be fined $1.5 million after the school board voted to reject the state-endorsed curriculum that includes a biography of the late San Francisco politician and pedophile Harvey Milk, NBC News reported.

In a statement last Wednesday, Newsom said the school district will also have to pay $1.6 million for the shipping costs associated with sending the materials to Temecula Valley schools on top of the $1.5 million fine.

Newsom accused the district of “willfully” violating state law while subverting the will of parents and forcing students to use a 17-year-old out-of-print textbook.

School board president Joseph Komrosky had said he would reject any shipments of the new materials. However, the board members who voted in favor of the materials expressed support for Newsom’s actions.

Komrosky said in a statement that the district still has time to meet federal and state mandates before the 23–24 school year. A special school board meeting to discuss the upcoming curriculum was scheduled for last Friday.

Komrosky blasted Newsom for attempting to “usurp local control,” which will only result in “a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

The governor criticized Komrosky and fellow conservative board members Jennifer Wiersma and Danny Gonzalez, describing them in a statement as “political activists” who are “more interested in breaking the law than doing their jobs.” Newsom vowed that the state would “do their jobs for them” by ensuring that students in the district have “access to materials” that were “recommended by teachers across the district.”

During last Tuesday’s school board meeting, Komrosky described Harvey Milk as a pedophile, while many parents spoke out against teaching sexuality to elementary students.

However, supporters of the curriculum argued that changing the school curriculum four weeks before classes begin would cause turmoil for teachers planning their lessons.

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