Prime Minister Announces End to Fracking Ban, Signaling Push for Growth

Prime Minister Announces End to Fracking Ban, Signaling Push for Growth

Prime Minister Announces Huge Change—Right After Queen’s Death!

( – Following Boris Johnson’s scandal-ridden exit from office, Liz Truss stepped into the role of prime minister just days before Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The new leader wasted no time getting down to business, but her first actions in office — centered on the energy crisis — have already raised some eyebrows.

On Thursday, September 8, Truss announced an energy plan she hopes will alleviate the pressure on many Brits’ wallets. According to James McSweeney of The Critic, Years of mismanagement, along with COVID-19 and Brexit, have led to skyrocketing prices, and the war in Ukraine hasn’t helped. To get gas flowing again, the PM lifted the ban on fracking. She said it would only take place “where there is local support” for drilling.

The decision was quite a surprise in a country committed to net zero emissions by 2050, which Truss intends to honor. The UK leader said the government would approve more than 100 new licenses for extraction in the North Sea.

Additionally, Truss noted there would be a 2-year freeze on energy prices, during which “the typical household will pay no more than £2,500” per year for related expenses, equivalent to approximately $2,900 USD. The government will institute a similar freeze for businesses, but it will only last six months. In both cases, the government will pay for the excess energy costs, estimated to total £150 billion.

According to Truss, the effort will tackle “the root causes of high prices” to avoid falling into the same position in the future and avoid a recession.

What do you think about Truss’ decision to roll back on green energy policies?

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