Princess To REPLACE Historic Symbol – End Of An Era?

( – Sources say that the Princess of Wales is preparing to go without a tiara on her head and instead wear a floral headpiece for the coronation of King Charles III, according to The Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton would be breaking the tradition of wearing her most beautiful tiara in favor of something more modest and natural this coming Saturday when Charles officially takes the crown after the passing of the late Queen Elizabeth, the nation’s longest-reigning monarch. 

The headpiece could bring disappointment to traditionalists who are looking forward to seeing the royal family at their very best, the outlet reports. But the move is not out of the ordinary for the King. Kate reportedly wants to align with his interests in nature and the environment. The invitation cards that were sent out for the occasion were reportedly adorned with flowers and the “Green Man,” an ornament of a man decorated with greenery sometimes prominently found in carvings on ecclesiastical buildings. 

Kate was pictured and filmed dancing while wearing a floral headpiece during a visit to Tuvalu in 2012. The move might not be totally uncommon for the princess’ tastes as it is reported that she also wanted to don a floral headpiece on her wedding day. The palace declines to affirm or deny the rumor that other women will also be ditching tiaras. 

Sally Bedell Smith, a biographer for the family, says that the choice of headpiece will set the tone for the event and stress the King’s affinity for nature. She also described the choice as “egalitarian” that will set the example for the future when her husband becomes the King. 

Should the princess decide the wear a tiara, it is reported that it would be the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara, a favorite of hers and the late Princess Diana. 

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