Pro-Life Organizations Strive To Prevent Abortion From Appearing on Ballots

( – Pro-life advocates across the United States are attempting to prevent abortion from appearing on ballots, following several ballot initiatives by pro-choice advocates in several states like Kentucky and Ohio. According to a report from Politico, several conservative organizations are calling for states to avoid allowing citizens to determine ballot issues. The pro-life groups span nationwide, but the effort to remove abortion from the ballot is primarily unfolding in Florida, Nevada, and Arizona.

Pro-life organizations are using various methods to advocate against abortion, including the use of television ads and website advertisements. The groups are also appearing locally in smaller areas to discuss the topic of abortion with United States citizens and argue against its appearance on ballots. The primary goal of the organizations is to prevent people from signing petitions, which would force the issue of abortion to appear on ballots relating to state laws.

One policy strategist for Student for Life, Kristi Hamrick, discussed the ongoing effort against petitions advocating for abortion. Hamrick claimed that the petitioners were attempting to secure votes from the Democratic Party and that their efforts were disingenuous. Hamrick called for citizens to refuse to sign the petitions, claiming Americans shouldn’t feel compelled to support the movement simply because someone approached them about a petition. Hamrick isn’t the only high-profile figure advocating against abortion, as multiple Republican officials are calling for resistance to the pro-choice movement.

Some Republicans call for state courts to prevent citizen-led measures from appearing on the ballot. Other lawmakers from states like Missouri and Oklahoma considered increasing the threshold required to allow amendments to appear on a ballot. While discussing the ongoing push against pro-choice policy, Steven Aden, the chief legal officer and general counsel for Americans United for Life, claimed that abortion shouldn’t be up for a majority vote due to an individual’s right to live.

State Representative Brad Huson, from Missouri, echoed Aden’s claims when talking about abortion within Missouri. According to Hudson, abortion shouldn’t appear on the state’s ballot, as every individual has a fundamental right to life. Despite the pushback from conservatives like Hudson, many American citizens support abortion and advocate for the issue’s appearance on their state’s ballot.

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