Pro-Palestinian Map With Targets Stirs Concern For This State

( A pro-Palestinian group has ignited fears of the possibility of an attack on New York City after publishing a map indicating major landmarks in the city.

The group, called Within Our Lifetime, has called for a global “intifada”—intifada  is the Arabic word for revolution—and published the map on social media. Following the controversy it ignited, the post was deleted.

The map contained a number of important New York City landmarks, including Grand Central Station, the newsrooms of the New York Post and NBC News, the offices of Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram), as well as the Museum of Modern Art. The map, which carried the title “Globalize the Intifada: Zone of Operations,” ostensibly singled out institutions and organizations that were known to be owned or operated by people of Jewish descent. The caption also called the locations where people could find an “enemy” of the “Palestinian people and colonized people” all around the world, adding that the sites would be centers of “mobilization in defense of our people.” The post also included a call to “direct action” to “globalize intifada.”

The CEO of the American Jewish Committee, Ted Deutch, said the post was clearly calling for sympathizers to commit violence against Jews and called on law enforcement to take the matter seriously. He also called out the hypocrisy of pro-Palestinian groups that are calling for a ceasefire, saying that publishing such a map “is not promoting peace.” He added that calling for a global intifada “is a call to destroy Israel and attack Jews all over the world.”

Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, who is a member of the New York Board of Rabbis, agreed, saying that “intifadas are targeted attacks on Jews.”

New York officials have said that they are aware of the existence of the map and are taking the appropriate measures to prevent any such attacks from happening.

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