Pro-Palestinian Woman Tries Anti-Semitic Attack By Crashing Car Into School

( – On Friday, a pro-Palestinian woman attempted to commit an anti-Semitic attack by crashing her car into a Jewish school in Indianapolis.

Ruba Almaghtheh became motivated to plan out her attack when she was watching the news on her television. She watched the Israel-Hamas war updates on screen after the October 7th attack on Israel.

The 34-year-old said she was aware of a “Hebrew Israelite” star on a building in the area near her home. She told police officers that she drove past the “Israel school” several different times.

Surprisingly, this Jewish “school” was a building for a Black Hebrew Israelite hate group known as The Israelite School of Universal and Practical Knowledge. This group is known as an anti-Semitic, extremist denomination among the Black Hebrew Israelites.

The Black Hebrew Israelites became known to the general public in 2019 when a supposed member of the group attacked a kosher store in New Jersey.

Some sects of the Black Hebrew Israelites group are very antisemitic. They will sometimes deny the Holocaust. They are known to yell on the streets about Jews. But some Black Hebrew Israelites are not antisemitic; in the 1960s, a non-extremist subgroup moved to Israel and now calls the country their home.

Before and especially after the Hamas terrorist assault on Israel, Jewish people had enacted extreme safety measures at their businesses. Now, they want to continue strengthening their security systems to protect against strikes from people who were motivated by the Hamas attack on October 7th. Some of these attacks came before the Israeli army was ready to launch its counterattack into Gaza.

Almaghtheh told law enforcement officers she crashed into the building intentionally. She said, “I did it on purpose.” The 34-year-old said the Star of David on the building infuriated her. She did it for “her people back in Palestine.”

For her offense, Almaghtheh received a charge of criminal recklessness.

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