Protesters Acquitted in Bristol Statue Case

Protesters Acquitted in Bristol Statue Case

( – Cancel culture has become a real issue in the United States over the last several years. But the recent acquittal of four Black Lives Matters activists proves that woke ideology is taking place in England, too.

On January 5, a jury at Bristol Crown Court cleared Rhian Graham, Sage Willoughby, Jake Skuse and Milo Ponsford of criminal damage charges for their roles in toppling a statue of Edward Colston in June 2020. Colston, a brilliant philanthropist, was also a slave trader, which didn’t sit well with the group. The defendants took it upon themselves to instigate not only the toppling of the statue, but also dumping the monument into Bristol Harbour.

The group, referred to as the “Colston Four,” celebrated loudly on the steps following the verdict.

Many were outraged by the verdict. Peter Bone, a Tory MP, spoke out calling it a “dangerous state of affairs,” which is likely to inspire others to go pulling statues down thinking they won’t suffer consequences. What’s to stop them?

The fact is, while slavery is no longer tolerated in most of the world, Edward Colston is a vital piece of history that bears remembering, even if only for a history lesson. It’s not up to a few woke liberals to take matters into their own hands and destroy a city monument, causing thousands of dollars in damage while they do so.

What do you think radical protesters will do next, now that they have been empowered by this acquittal?

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