Putin Accuses the US of Prolonging Conflict in Ukraine

Putin Accuses the US of Prolonging Conflict in Ukraine

Putin Names U.S. Government – Says It’s a Conspiracy

(DailyVantage.com) – The six-month mark of the Ukraine-Russia war is quickly approaching, and it looks like there’s no end in sight. The United States has sent billions of dollars in aid to the smaller country to bolster its military efforts. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently accused the US of having ulterior motives.

On Tuesday, August 16, Putin spoke at a security conference and dove into his trove of old talking points. He insists his troops invaded Ukraine because the US was doing everything possible to turn the country against Russia and into “cannon fodder.”

According to Putin, the United States’ ultimate goal is to “retain [its] hegemony,” or global leadership position. In February, the Russian president insisted the US was waiting for the chance to issue tough sanctions against Moscow and used the looming battle ahead as a chance to goad the country into war.

Putin had a lot to say about the United States during his speech, including that Washington is trying to drag out the war in Ukraine. The Russian president also spoke about recent trips to Taiwan by congressional delegations, noting it’s part of a more comprehensive strategy to “destabilize and create chaos” regionally and globally.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also spoke at the conference, telling attendees the US has supplied Ukraine with intelligence and advanced weapons systems. He said it’s an “absolute lie” that Russia would ever use chemical or nuclear weapons, and the Kremlin is just trying to safeguard against a nuclear attack.

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