Putin Believes Russia Leads the World in Hypersonic Tech

Putin Believes Russia Leads the World in Hypersonic Tech

(DailyVantage.com) – All eyes have been on Russia for several months as the Kremlin has strategically placed its military at the Ukraine border. While the threat of invasion persists, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes the world should fear his country for other reasons, namely its advancements in hypersonic missile technology.

On Sunday, December 12, a documentary titled “Russia. New History” aired. In the film, Putin addressed the idea of hypersonic missiles, saying his country is the leader in advanced developments pertaining to the technology. His claim isn’t new, though.

Putin also made a similar statement back in 2019 while addressing military brass. At the time, he said no other country had caught up to them, which was a change from prior decades when Russia struggled to keep up with the US and other world powers. Putin also said his nation is number one in the world in its military equipment upgrades. Russia plans to have its Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles ready to deliver to its navy in 2022.

Hypersonic Missiles Explained

There are two types of hypersonic missiles: cruise missiles and glide vehicles. The real threat of these weapons is two-fold. First, they travel at speeds five times faster than the speed of sound, around 3,850 miles per hour. Second, they’re notoriously undetectable by radar, which makes the threat of an unsuspecting attack that much greater. Add in the fact that these weapons can’t be detected by typical missile systems — at least in time to prevent an attack. It’s possible to develop the technology, but it could be years away.

China’s Hypersonic Missile Test

Perhaps Putin was correct in assuming other countries would soon develop the same technology. Earlier this summer, China reportedly tested its own set of hypersonic missiles. The US was reportedly unaware of their advancement until after the communist country already completed its testing.

The United States has also been developing hypersonic missiles, though it’s unclear just how close our military is to having these weapons ready. But according to Putin, “When they get this weapon, it is highly likely [that they] will have [the] means to fight this weapon.”

With Russia and China seemingly ahead of the US in its arms race, for now, at least, keeping these two countries in check is a must.

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