Putin Loses His “Executioner” to Sniper Fire

Putin Loses His

Putin Tragedy – Sniper Takes a Shot!

(DailyVantage.com) – It’s been more than three months since Russia first invaded Ukraine and there continue to be casualties on both sides. Along the way, Russian President Vladimir Putin has lost some of his top soldiers. Now, a report has revealed he may have lost yet another important figure — a mercenary dubbed “The Executioner.”

On Sunday, June 4, Telegram channel Peleng 03 reported the death of Vladimir Andonov, 44, “presumably at the hands of a sniper.” Andonov was doing reconnaissance at the time in Kharkiv when he and a comrade died.

Andonov has a long history as one of Putin’s mercenaries. Ukraine currently has him in the “Peacemaker” database as having committed war crimes, including executing Ukrainian prisoners of war. He also carried out special operations in Libya and Syria, and in 2017, he received a medal for his military merit.

Andonov isn’t the only of Russia’s top soldiers reportedly killed this week. Ukrainian troops killed Maj. Gen. Roman Kutuzov while he was carrying out an assault mission in Donbas, according to Rossiya 1. Volya Media stated that artillery fire in the region killed Lt. Gen. Roman Berdnikov.

Ukrainian officials claim they’ve taken out at least a dozen of Russia’s generals during the war. Russia’s defense ministry has not commented on any of these incidents.

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