Race To The BOTTOM – Biden Sinking FAST!

(DailyVantage.com) – According to approval rating aggregates, President Joe Biden has the lowest approval rating of any president since Jimmy Carter. Carter had an abysmal approval rating of just 29 percent on his 900th day in office, a metric that Biden is quickly catching up to.

On Biden’s 900th day in office, his approval rating was just forty percent, two percent lower than Donald Trump’s horrible approval rating from the same time in his presidency. Biden’s low approval rating could be related to voter sentiment that he has mishandled the economy and that he has questionable mental competency. Since Carter’s presidency, no president has reached an approval rating as low, but Biden is only twelve percent away from being the most unpopular president in United States history.

Biden’s decline in popularity is also likely a result of the various scandals that have plagued the Biden family, including his son Hunter’s criminal cases. The younger Biden recently pled guilty to two tax-related misdemeanors and has a pending felony case that hasn’t ended. Many feel President Biden has been hypocritical, claiming he holds a strong stance on taxes and gun control yet uses his influence to ease the legal consequences of his son’s actions. Biden will likely have to defend his stances during next year’s election and work to maintain his approval rating before it declines further.

Biden is also planning a visit to South Carolina to boast about the beneficial results of his “Bidenomics” policies. Biden hasn’t spent much time in historically Republican states during his presidency. His visit to South Carolina is a surprise to many, given how the state voted against him in the 2020 election. Regardless, it seems Biden is attempting to bolster his popularity, likely in response to his abysmal approval ratings. Biden will likely be the Democratic Party’s nominee for next year’s election, but he will need more support if he wants to overcome a Republican candidate like Donald Trump.

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