Ramaswamy Asks RNC to Reduce Number of GOP Candidates

(DailyVantage.com) – According to reports, Vivek Ramaswamy’s presidential campaign team requested that the Republic National Committee reduce the number of candidates running for the GOP nomination. Ramaswamy’s team allegedly requested that the next debate include only the top four popular candidates, meaning candidates like Chris Christie and Mike Pence would be dropped from the race.

Ramaswamy’s team also asked for the donor threshold to be increased to 100,000 donors, a staggering threshold other candidates have failed to meet. Despite Ramaswamy’s campaign’s success, the request for a reduction in candidates seems unlikely to be granted until the presidential election is closer. As it stands, any candidate technically possesses a chance to secure the party’s nomination, and a reduction in candidates will prevent their campaigns from gaining traction. Ramaswamy remains one of the most popular GOP candidates, following his standout performance in the first debate. If the RNC grants his campaign’s request, his chances of gaining more support will increase substantially.

Other candidates are floating similar suggestions, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis demanding a one-on-one debate with Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. DeSantis claims that Trump owes the American public a debate appearance to discuss his plans for policy and face criticism from other Republicans. Despite DeSantis’s open challenge to Trump, the former president’s team denied the challenge and confirmed that Trump will not appear in any debates for the foreseeable future.

Trump’s decision to pass on the debates is drawing heavy backlash from other well-known conservatives like DeSantis, but it isn’t causing him to lose his massive lead in polls. Trump remains one of the most popular presidential candidates running in next year’s election, and he’s incredibly likely to receive the GOP’s nomination next year. DeSantis issued his challenge following the end of the second Republican debate, where he outperformed other candidates like Ramaswamy, according to online audiences. Another standout candidate from the debate is Doug Burgum, the Governor of North Dakota.

DeSantis’s popularity is recovering from its lackluster standing in the past few weeks following the debate, prompting some to claim other candidates like Ramaswamy or Nikki Haley are auditioning for the role of Vice President. While the Republican presidential nominee is all but confirmed, it seems incredibly likely that either Trump or DeSantis will challenge Biden in next year’s election.

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