Ramaswamy Reveals Plan To Be Economically Independent From China

(DailyVantage.com) – Vivek Ramaswamy, the controversial GOP presidential candidate, unveiled his plan to establish economic independence from China. According to Ramaswamy, China and the United States rely too much on one another economically, a trend that might result in future conflict depending on trading developments.

Ramaswamy wants to “de-couple” the two nations but claims to be committed to maintaining some level of trade relationship with China. Ramaswamy’s comments regarding the current economic relationship between China and the United States resonate with many conservative voters, who believe China’s economic dominance over other countries establishes it as a threat.

Ramaswamy hopes to prevent further reliance on China by severing the current trade relationship the Biden Administration uses, which allows China to produce fabrics and components often used by the United States military. The Biden Administration also relies heavily on China for rare resources like lithium, causing concern that China will withhold significant resources to control United States policy. Ramaswamy claims he will reimplement trade policies from the Reagan era, which focused heavily on economic prosperity, without depending on another nation for rare resources or military equipment. Ramaswamy will also be ending Biden’s climate-change-oriented policies if elected.

While Ramaswamy’s proposed economic plan receives monumental support from conservatives, liberals won’t support the GOP hopeful’s plan. Some claim that Ramaswamy’s economic independence plan will only escalate international tensions between the United States and China.

Another concern for liberal and independent voters is the Taiwan Relations Act, which establishes an ongoing partnership between the United States and Taiwan. It assures Taiwan that the United States will defend it in case of a foreign invasion or attack. Ramaswamy didn’t address any potential plans regarding the act, but his statements indicate a desire to end any ongoing partnership with Taiwan to prevent hostility from China. Ramaswamy might intend to keep the act and remain a close ally of Taiwan if elected, but so far, his statements indicate otherwise.

Despite his best efforts, Ramaswamy has failed to achieve mainstream popularity, with Donald Trump being the most popular GOP candidate.

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