Ramaswamy Served Cease and Desist by Eminem

(DailyVantage.com) – Vivek Ramaswamy, the controversial millennial Republican candidate in the 2024 election, made headlines for rapping Eminem songs during his events. Eminem responded to Ramaswamy’s rapping by sending the GOP hopeful a cease-and-desist letter, threatening legal action if Ramaswamy continued to rap during his campaign events.

Ramaswamy’s team responded to the legal action, claiming they would leave the actual rapping to Eminem and avoid using his content. Ramaswamy rapped the iconic rap song “Lose Yourself” in particular and claims it’s his favorite walkout music for stops along the campaign trail. Eminem’s cease-and-desist is hardly surprising to those familiar with the superstar’s political views, as Eminem made national headlines for his outspoken criticisms of Donald Trump and the Republican Party in general. The letter comes during a pivotal phase of Ramaswamy’s presidential bid, as the Republican hopeful is gaining traction among Republicans and independents following his performance at the first Republican debate.

Following the debate, Ramaswamy became the most Googled Republican candidate online. Many feel Ramaswamy’s performance during the discussion was the best and that he’s a considerable challenge to mainstream Republican officials like Ron DeSantis or even Donald Trump. Trump remains the most popular GOP candidate in the election, but Ramaswamy is quickly becoming the runner-up. DeSantis initially polled in second place among Republicans but is losing popularity following a string of disastrous incidents that plagued his presidential campaign. Ramaswamy tied with DeSantis in recent polls and will likely surpass the Florida governor.

Donald Trump isn’t ignoring Ramaswamy’s popularity, as Trump indicated that Ramaswamy might be tapped for a cabinet position or a potential running mate. Trump’s running mate isn’t determined, but the former president acknowledged Ramaswamy and claimed he sees potential in the GOP hopeful. When asked about his thoughts regarding Ramaswamy, Trump contended that Ramaswamy was talented and would make a good running mate for his campaign. While Ramaswamy will likely not receive the Republican nomination, he’ll probably play a factor in the eventual nominee’s team regardless.

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