Republicans Slam Biden For Accepting James Biden’s 200k Check

( – On October 20, James Comer, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, slammed President Biden by publicly releasing a document proving he received $200,000 from his brother James Biden. In the past, the president denied ever acquiring the money. The money was allegedly given to the president by Biden as part of a money laundering scheme.

Comer said the House Committee discovered a personal check from James Biden to his brother Joe Biden amounting to $200,000. This payment proved to Comer his suspicions of President Biden taking advantage of his situation by having his family tout his name and “their access to him.” On multiple occasions in the past, Comer has publicly voiced his concerns about Biden’s money-peddling. Comer was suspicious of the $200,000 as it emerged after a company in financial distress gave $600,000 in loans to James Biden.

The bank documents show that in January 2018, James Biden was lent money from Joe Biden. James gave Joe Biden $200,000 six weeks later. This payment came after James Biden received $600,000. James Biden concurred with the documents’ findings but said no business relationship was involved.

Oversight Committee member Marjorie Taylor Greene believed the check exchange was just one part of the many illicit money dealings of the Biden family. Greene stated that the lump sum unveiled Biden as a “proven liar.” She conjectured that President Biden should be charged for his crimes and locked in jail. Greene stated that many people are in jail for similar money laundering schemes. She thinks millions of dollars will be peddled in Biden’s name and influence during investigations.

Representative Mike Johnson agreed with Greene and said Joe Biden needs to stop hiding and face his crimes. On X (Twitter), Johnson posted that a US president should not be able to avoid the repercussions of his actions.

Social media personality Mike Cernovich said the $200,000 was paid to the president by his brother to finish repayments on a supposed loan. Cernovich wants Biden to prove where the loan stemmed from. It would be simple for Biden to disprove this situation with a “check or wire,” Cernovich claimed.

Another representative, Steve Scalise, said no one can continue to claim that there is no “money trail” leading to Biden. Scalise thinks the check proves the link between Joe Biden and the “Biden Family corruption scheme.”

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