Retired Army Expert Blasts AOC’s Accusations Against Israel

( – A retired lieutenant colonel from the Army criticized Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s accusations against Israel, claiming AOC’s statements misrepresent the events surrounding the conflict between Israel and Hamas. AOC claims that Israel’s recent bombardments of the Gaza Strip exceed the traditional defense measures utilized by most nations, and the continued attack against Palestinians is a war crime.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Corn responded to AOC’s statement, claiming that members of Congress have an obligation to understand what amounts to a war crime before claiming someone is responsible for one. Corn claims that Israel’s actions against Hamas are extreme but are not equivalent to a war crime. Corn clarified that he understands why AOC and other citizens sympathize with the Palestinian civilians caught in the crossfire. Corn also criticized AOC for failing to mention Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel, claiming that AOC failed to mention the war crimes committed by Hamas during the war’s opening days.

As the war between Hamas and Israel continues, Israel is planning a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip to strike critical Hamas locations directly. Israel has already conducted multiple ground raids in the region to prepare for the impending invasion, which is expected to occur any day. Officials in the United States pushed Israel to postpone the ground invasion plans, worrying the strike against Hamas would prompt the militant group to harm or even kill Americans remaining in Hamas’ custody. Hamas released two American hostages following requests for humanitarian aid, but United States intelligence officials believe ten other Americans remain in Hamas’ custody. So far, the war between Hamas and Israel has caused over 8,000 deaths, and more will likely follow without a ceasefire agreement between the two parties.

According to some sources from Al Jazeera, the negotiations between Hamas and Israel for a ceasefire are at an “advanced stage,” indicating the conflict might end soon. The primary concern in the negotiations is for humanitarian aid to be provided to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, as the region isn’t receiving critical resources and aid convoys aren’t making it into the war-torn region. Israeli officials aren’t indicating if a potential peace agreement will materialize in the coming weeks, and Israel’s planned ground invasion will likely occur before the war is over.

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