RFK Jr. Promises To Ban Fracking Despite Massive Negative Impact

(DailyVantage.com) – Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate who aims to challenge incumbent President Joe Biden for the party’s nomination in 2024, announced his 10-point plan to end the ongoing plastic pollution crisis. Among the proposed steps in his plan is to ban fracking for oil, a controversial policy that would drastically increase gas prices for American citizens.

Kennedy’s proposed ban on fracking might drive the cost of oil to $150 per barrel, prompting harsh criticism from online audiences and officials alike. Some voters even responded to Kennedy’s proposed pollution policies by claiming he lost their vote, showcasing how the rise in gas prices directly concerns many voters on both sides of the political spectrum. Despite his controversial plan, Kennedy claimed his 10-point policy would help overcome the ongoing pollution issue in the country.

Kennedy’s statements coincide with oil prices reaching an all-time high of $90 per barrel, a concerning price directly associated with the ongoing inflation issues plaguing the United States economy. Kennedy’s proposed fracking ban would drive prices even higher and cause taxes to skyrocket. Cities would need more money to run effectively, as energy departments would need more fuel to provide their associated residents with power.

Some states, like California, are already struggling to provide power to their residents, raising concerns that a further increase in oil prices would affect millions of citizens nationwide. Despite the logistical issues accompanying Kennedy’s plan, he remains adamant that someone must address the ongoing plastic pollution issue in next year’s election. Biden isn’t focused on plastic pollution but rather on the broader environmental issue of climate change.

Kennedy isn’t the only well-known Democrat bringing attention to oil practices within the country, as California Governor Gavin Newsom claims that oil companies are misleading the American public about the dangers of climate change. Newsom famously supports renewable energies and has instituted policies in California to provide cleaner energy. Despite his best efforts, Newsom’s policies are causing widespread outages and extremely high gas prices, a consequence that could become nationwide should Kennedy reach the White House.

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