RFK Jr. Takes on Border Security – Calls for Bipartisan Action

(DailyVantage.com) – Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. took a strong stance on Twitter, now renamed X, describing his position in favor of border control. He asserted that border security is not xenophobic but rather a humanitarian concern to prevent deaths from drug cartels and human trafficking. Kennedy slammed the state of the border as a humanitarian nightmare and hoped that Republicans and Democrats would fix it together. He attacked the Biden administration for exacerbating the situation by failing to ensure border security and allowing cartels to traffic without repercussions.

While supporting immigration, he prescribed a series of reforms that he would want implemented if elected president. He would seal the border with technology and personnel by expanding infrastructure through cameras, motion detectors, lights, and physical barriers. Additionally, he would hire more immigration judges to speed up asylum claims and the pursuit of legal immigration. He would also seek to develop policies with Latin American nations that would establish good faith with the United States and prevent further US intervention via coups or juntas.

According to FiveThirtyEight aggregate polling, President Joe Biden is holding at about 64.3%, while Kennedy is at 15.2%. While Biden is guaranteed to win the Democratic primary, Kennedy’s polling of about 15% could signal a reasonable level of challenge to Biden from within the Democratic Party. Additionally, Kennedy could gain delegates for the Democratic National Convention, given that the threshold requirement is 15%.

A challenge from Biden on the left is not unique to Kennedy and could be more politically threatening from Green third-party candidate Cornel West. Polling from Emerson College shows Biden with a 1-point lead over former President Trump. However, with Cornel West in the race, Trump would hold a 1-point lead over Biden. When states only require a plurality of votes to win, every voter matters for a presidential candidate to earn the pathway to 270 electoral votes. President Biden’s re-election campaign, to defeat Donald Trump, will have to potentially maintain a coalition of voters subject to the appeal of alternative candidates.

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