RIGHTEOUS War Begins – His Enemies Will COWER

(DailyVantage.com) – The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, recently made a pledge that the state of Florida would use all available resources in an effort to end human trafficking within the Sunshine State.

According to DeSantis, human trafficking is a 150 billion dollar illegal industry within the United States, an alarming trend that has been growing in recent years. DeSantis hopes to put a dent in this massive industry, a goal that could play into his potential campaign for the upcoming presidential election. DeSantis hasn’t announced his intent to run for U.S. President as of yet, but the likelihood of the Florida Governor running for higher office grows each month.

DeSantis has seemingly been preparing for a White House bid for quite some time now, even changing the location of his office and making out-of-state visits to other parts of the Union, such as Iowa. It seems likely that DeSantis will be formally announcing his intention to run for president fairly soon, making him one of the most likely Republican nominees behind Donald Trump.

Whether or not DeSantis will commit to a fully fledged presidential campaign isn’t certain, but many citizens support the Sunshine State Governor’s potential candidacy all the same. DeSantis has been a national figure in the media constantly, due to his anti-woke position on many topics such as identity politics and higher education.

DeSantis recently made headlines due to his ongoing battle with Disney, which is now becoming a legal battle. Many citizens across the country were heavily supportive of DeSantis taking on the entertainment corporation, which seemed keen to introduce children to off-base topics such as LGTBQ rhetoric and discussions about gender-affirming care. DeSantis has made it known he doesn’t support the corporation using its influence for political reasons, and has made a constant effort to limit Disney’s influence within the state of Florida.

Whether or not DeSantis is successful in his attempt to limit Disney’s influence is yet to be seen, but the outcome could heavily play into his attempt at attaining higher office. 

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