Rivalry At Play – Biden Nixes Space Force Relocation!

(DailyVantage.com) – President Joe Biden overturned a decision from Donald Trump’s administration that would have relocated the Space Force headquarters from Colorado to Alabama. Biden has decided to prevent the relocation, a decision that goes against the recommendations of the Air Force command.

Biden claims that the decision came after he spoke to the head of the Space Force, General James Dickinson, who claims that the relocation would negatively influence military readiness. Biden’s decision is being criticized by many officials, who claim that Biden prevented the relocation due to Alabama’s strict abortion laws. Biden has denied these claims, but it wouldn’t be the first time Biden allowed abortion laws to influence national policy.

Biden remains adamant that the Space Force remaining in Colorado will be beneficial for the next decade and will allow for military preparedness that Alabama simply couldn’t provide. Donald Trump oversaw the creation of the Space Force in 2019 and decided to relocate the military branch to Huntsville towards the end of his administration. Biden has reversed the Trump-era decision, marking the latest instance of Trump’s policies being overturned by his political rival for questionable reasons.

Some political officials feel the decision is more personally driven than based on concerns like military readiness. One such official is Senator Tommy Tuberville, who’s denied Biden’s military nominations over the past few months. Biden denies the relocation reversal is related to his ongoing rivalry with the Alabama senator, but the decision comes just days after Tuberville’s latest denial of a military nomination. While Biden claims his decision will maintain military integrity, Republicans aren’t convinced, claiming that Biden is preventing interaction with Alabama due to its status as a red state.

Tuberville has placed a hold on Biden’s military nominees due to the military’s support of abortion, a controversial topic many believe shouldn’t be related to the United States military. Despite this, Biden has famously supported officials with outspoken support for abortion access rather than those with decades of experience. Biden’s plan to keep the Space Force headquarters in Colorado marks the latest instance of Trump-era policies being ignored in favor of political grandstanding.

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