Robber Deploys Bear Spray – Shopkeeper Fires Back

( – A shopkeeper in Alabama shot a robber after she attempted to use bear spray on store employees shortly before police arrested the suspected robber in a nearby town. According to authorities, Heather Denise Wright tried to rob an Alabama jewelry store using a can of bear spray.

Authorities claim that after wishing the store employees a “Happy Holidays,” Wright allegedly pulled out the can of bear spray and was ready to deploy it. Shortly after pulling out the bear spray, store owner Jeff Dennis pulled out a firearm and shot at Wright, hitting her in the shoulder. After Dennis shot her, Wright stumbled into the store’s parking lot before fleeing to Birmingham, where police found her and subsequently detained her. According to Dennis, he shot Wright to ensure the safety of his employees, and he is “ready to move past” the altercation.

Upon being shot by Dennis, Wright dropped a bag in the store’s lobby before fleeing out the store’s exit. Dennis claims that he searched Wright’s bag and found multiple weapons within. After injuring Wright and searching the bag, Dennis put the jewelry store on lockdown by hitting an alarm and contacting the authorities. Dennis claims that he initially worried about Wright as she stumbled away from the robbery, and her condition seemed severe. Dennis said that he was glad authorities found Wright alive and could provide her with medical treatment for the gunshot wound.

Wright now faces three counts of robbery and three counts of criminal use of a defense spray. Wright is currently hospitalized due to the incident and will be imprisoned at the Jefferson County Jail upon her release. Wright’s bonds total $90,000, and if convicted, she could spend years in prison for the robbery attempt. Authorities claim that Wright has a lengthy criminal record but didn’t specify Wright’s previous crimes.

According to Dennis, Wright’s odd attire immediately alerted him to the possibility of an altercation. Despite the robbery being the first in Dennis’ store’s history, Dennis claims that Wright’s mask caught his eye before she attempted to rob his employees. Dennis said more customers wear masks since the international pandemic, causing him to be a “little alert” when he sees a masked customer. Dennis also claimed that if a similar incident occurred, he’d be willing to use his firearm to defend his employees again.

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