Romney Blasts Democrats On Border Spending

( – Republican Utah Senator Mitt Romney blasted the Democrats for their attempts to negotiate for more lenient border provisions while at the same time looking for $106 billion in emergency spending.

“Is an open border more important to Democrats than Ukraine and Israel?” Romney asked. The Utah senator stressed that for Republicans, one of the more urgent matters at the moment is the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, which has seen a significant uptick in recent months in the number of migrants that want to enter the U.S.

Romney said that the GOP wants the border closed, period.

Romney’s remarks come in the middle of continued tension between Republicans and Democrats, especially in the legislature, over government spending. Liberals want billions in emergency funding, with a significant amount going to aid Ukraine, while conservatives want much more stringent border security measures and initiatives funded and put in place. Republicans are threatening to filibuster the Biden administration’s foreign aid request due to what they feel is a significant lack of budget allocation for border security.

Democrats, meanwhile, bemoan the Republicans’ tactics as “hostage-taking,” adding that it is misleading to say that conservatives want border security in exchange for supporting more funding for Ukraine because Republicans also support Ukraine’s right to fight against its Russian invaders.

Still, the two parties have currently found themselves in a stalemate of sorts, with neither willing to back down on their respective demands and both pointing fingers at each other.

“If funding for Ukraine fails, the failure will solely be on the Republican Party,” Democratic New York Senator and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said. Only recently, several GOP senators staged a walkout during a security briefing on the current state of affairs in Ukraine, which was ostensibly meant to reignite support for the embattled Kyiv government. However, many Republican senators were upset that the security briefing was only about Ukraine and did not include anything on border security. Republican Indiana Senator Todd Young said that Democrats made a “political” and “intentional” decision to not discuss border security policy during the briefing.

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