Ron DeSantis BREAKS SILENCE After “Declining” To Respond!

( – Florida Governor and GOP hopeful Ron DeSantis recently declined an invitation to speak at Turning Point Action and is drawing criticism online about his decision to skip out on the conservative event. Among those confirmed to be attending the event are former President Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, Charlie Kirk, and Tucker Carlson.

The event is full of conservative icons, including many GOP presidential candidates who will take the stage and discuss various national issues like gun control, abortion, and the war in Ukraine. DeSantis’ decision to avoid the event perplexed many conservative figures and voters, who thought he was making a mistake by not attending the event. DeSantis has remained silent about declining the invitation but has confirmed that he will not be attending despite speaking at the event in the past. DeSantis has declined in popularity in recent weeks, with Donald Trump becoming the most popular Republican candidate despite facing multiple criminal cases.

DeSantis seems aware of his declining popularity, as he recently confirmed that he will endorse Donald Trump should he secure the GOP nomination following next year’s primaries. DeSantis has stated he would not endorse Trump in the past but has since said he will support whoever the GOP picks as their candidate when asked about potentially endorsing Donald Trump. DeSantis is still the second-most popular Republican candidate in the presidential race but trails Donald Trump by a wide margin, which grows with each passing day.

Florida Atlantic University Mainstreet PolCom Lab launched a survey to determine the popularity of each Republican presidential candidate. The poll found that DeSantis trails Donald Trump by twenty points in his state. DeSantis has been the runner-up since he announced his campaign in May but has steadily declined in popularity while Trump’s has continually grown in most polls. Although DeSantis maintains his position as the second-most popular GOP candidate for next year’s election, it seems highly unlikely for him to become the GOP nominee without Donald Trump dropping out of the race entirely.

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