Ron DeSantis Declares Joe Biden’s COVID Policies a Failure

Ron DeSantis Declares Joe Biden's COVID Policies a Failure

( – The COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage nearly two years after it first surfaced in the United States. When it came to establishing policies, former President Donald Trump was more than happy to put the power in the states’ hands, where he felt it belonged. When President Joe Biden took office, he did a complete turnabout from what he promised on the campaign trail.

Biden promised to get rid of COVID-19, but that hasn’t happened. He said there would be no vaccine mandates, but several cases are winding their way through the nation’s courts that are a testament to that lie. Now, one state governor, who has been consistent throughout the pandemic, is calling Biden out on his failed policies.

On Sunday, January 9, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) appeared on Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” calling out the president for his COVID-19 failures. According to DeSantis, the entire “promise of his campaign” has gone “totally up in smoke.” Biden is facing backlash around the country, but especially from governors and state officials who believe he’s going too far and stepping into the dangerous realm of government overreach. DeSantis is leaving the choice up to his constituents, remaining steadfast in the belief that individuals are perfectly capable of making their own medical decisions.

“They Never Talk About Treatment”

One of the bigger issues DeSantis has with Biden and the current administration is that they took control over monoclonal antibody treatments, limiting how many the Sunshine State could procure. The Florida governor says it’s a purely political move; the Biden Administration and Dr. Fauci want to push mask enforcements, school shutdowns and vaccine mandates. The problem with these measures, he says, is they focus more on the spread of the disease rather than treating it.

Since the vaccines aren’t providing immunity, DeSantis reasons, it makes sense to treat the cases that do arise. He and other states like Texas were taking such an approach before Health and Human Services (HHS) suggested Florida was using more than its fair share of resources. DeSantis says Biden is simply looking to make those states “scapegoats” for his failed policies.

If the past two years are any indication, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere soon. But shutting down the country, affecting people’s mental health, and pushing draconian measures isn’t the way DeSantis wants to handle it. Instead, he wants to take politics out of the equation and get people the help they need to get back to life as normal.

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