Ron DeSantis POLL CHANGE – The Winds Have Shifted!

( – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who continues to flirt with a potential 2024 Presidential bid, seems to be picking up some steam in the Sunshine State according to a new poll. 

According to the poll, conducted by Mason Dixon Polling & Strategy, DeSantis leads former President Trump 44 percent to 39 percent. This is good news coming out of the DeSantis camp, considering that the Florida Governor has been slipping in the polls as of late. 

The poll also indicates that 5 percent of voters are looking at other candidates in the GOP field, and 12 percent are still undecided. 

Florida, however, remains anyone’s ball game. In mid-March a poll released by Emerson had Trump leading DeSantis by 3 points. So, while DeSantis received good news on Tuesday, it is clear that the two are in a statistical dead heat in the State. 

It’s also important to remember that both DeSantis and Trump are Florida Residents. Trump, who previously resided in New York, officially relocated to Florida in October of 2019 when he was still President. 

While the former President’s standing in his home state remains rather tenuous, he still leads by a wide margin nationally. 

According to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday, Trump dominates the pack with an impressive 29-point spread. DeSantis is a distant second, and all other candidates are still struggling to escape the single digits. 

And RealClearPolitics indicates that, on average, Trump polls at 50% within the GOP field. 12 candidates, most of whom have not declared, are included in that polling. 

Trump, even when faced with a first-time-in-American-history indictment, still has a firm grip on the Republican electorate. Voters say he still has more fuel in the tank. As of now, it remains unclear what DeSantis and other candidates can do to overtake his commanding lead. 

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