Ron DeSantis Signs Laws Protecting Citizens From Tyranny

Ron DeSantis Signs Laws Protecting Citizens From Tyranny

( – In the wake of the draconian vaccine mandates, many Republican governors have stood up for their constituents’ rights to make their own medical decisions. One such governor, Florida’s Ron DeSantis, took things a step further, showing how serious he really is about protecting his citizens from tyranny.

On Thursday, November 18, following the conclusion of a special legislative session “Keep Florida Free,” DeSantis signed four House bills into law. Specifically, HB 1 prohibits private-sector companies from mandating vaccines without providing several exemptions, including for religion, immunity and medical reasons, along with the option to undergo free periodic testing and wear company-provided personal protection equipment (PPE). HB 3 ensures the confidentiality of workers’ health records.

House Bill 5 specifically addresses OSHA and initiates the Sunshine State’s withdrawal from the administration, which DeSantis claims “has been weaponized by the Biden Administration.” The final legislation, HB 7, repeals the US Surgeon General’s authority to mandate vaccinations.

DeSantis spoke about these monumental bills and how he’s putting Floridians first:

DeSantis also carried through on his promise to sue the Biden Administration over its mandates, proving he talks the talk, and he walks the walk, too.

The proverbial icing on the cake came when DeSantis signed the new legislation into law in Brandon, Florida. Few could miss the irony.

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