Gone ROGUE – Betrayed By One Of His Own!

(DailyVantage.com) – One of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ spokespersons has made a departure from DeSantis regarding a key issue, that being the recent McCarthy-Biden debt deal.

DeSantis was very vocal in his criticisms about the deal, noting that it green lit $4 trillion dollars in new debt over the next year and a half, and kept 98% of the IRS expansion that Biden has been avidly pushing. DeSantis seems heavily against the debt resolution, but his spokesperson Steve Cortes appears to feel differently about the deal.

Cortes is a spokesperson for DeSantis’ “Never Back Down PAC,” but he seems to diverge from DeSantis quite heavily regarding the issue of the national debt deal. Cortes wrote that conservatives should support the GOP House deal, arguing that the deal should receive support from patriots.  Cortes notably didn’t sign the statements as a spokesperson for DeSantis’ PAC, raising questions as to whether or not he may be departing from the DeSantis campaign moving forward.

DeSantis recently formally announced his presidential campaign in a Twitter Spaces event, which was full of various technical issues. DeSantis announced his intention to run for higher office in a public conversation with current Twitter CEO Elon Musk, with a campaign launch video being released shortly thereafter. Despite their attempts at a smooth launch event the Twitter Space had multiple issues occur, including the audio being garbled and the feed being cut on multiple occasions. Despite this hazardous launch DeSantis seems to have gained some momentum already, with Donald Trump taking note of his 2024 Republican competitor. 

Trump recently attacked DeSantis and hinted that the Florida Governor was an imposter, in a campaign ad that was released by Trump’s team. DeSantis has recently fired back at Trump, bashing the former president on various topics including immigration and federal spending. DeSantis also accused Trump of drifting away from the conservative stance he took during his campaign. The upcoming 2024 is set to be one of the most contested when it comes to the Republican nomination, but it seems likely that the nominee will likely be either Trump or DeSantis. 

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