Rotten To The CORE – Whistleblower’s DAMNING Testimony

( – A whistleblower gave details of what he called a “distorted and twisted” state with the FBI, and claimed that the “rot” started from the top, Fox Business reported. The whistleblower exposing the FBI, Garrettt O’Boyle, described the FBI as a “ten-headed snake,” Fox Business reported. O’Boyle told Congress that, if someone were to attempt to expose the organization’s wrongdoing, the FBI would in turn “crush” them. The 10 whistleblowers that came forward before Congress reportedly alleged that they were the victims of FBI retaliation tactics. 

O’Boyle stated that he would not “hold his breath” about the FBI’s accountability, and stated that he expected they would escalate their pressure campaign to silence him. Likewise, O’Boyle claimed that he was a former FBI agent who had been suspended from service and was left “homeless” by the institution, after suspension, which was, as he described it, a direct result of speaking out against wrongdoing among his colleagues. O’Boyle served with the FBI for four years, and had been a country servicemember for 14 total years, he told the Mornings With Maria program.   

The FBI has been under increased scrutiny following the release of over 300 pages of data from Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the FBI procedure on the Trump-Russia probe. Durham released a conclusion that, in his view, the FBI had no just cause to launch a full-blown investigation into former President Donald Trump. Durham called the FBI’s investigation into Trump a “seriously flawed” process, the Associated Press reported. The findings of the Durham Report are expected to have “lasting effects” on the FBI’s reputation, the Associated Press reported. 

Representative Jim Jordan, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman has ramped up inquiry into the inner conduct of the FBI following the release of the Durham Report, Politico reported. The report’s release prompted Jordan to launch inquiries because, in Jordan’s view, the report confirmed that the federal government needed to make “major, major” changes to the FBI.  

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