Search CALLED OFF – Is This The End?

( – The United States Coast Guard has reportedly called off the search for a man who fell off a cruise ship into the ocean, 186 miles off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida. An update from the U.S. Coast Guard Southeast on Monday, May 30, explained that the 35-year-old male passenger had fallen overboard from a Carnival Magic cruise ship in the waters east of Jacksonville. The Coast Guard stated it had used both air and sea support to locate the missing man.  

Media reports stated that officials explained to Ronnie Peale Jr., age 35, that security footage showed Peale leaning over the rail of his stateroom balcony while standing aboard a Carnival Magic cruise ship on May 29. As Peale leaned over, he reportedly slipped into the water. This prompted a 60-hour search by the U.S. Coast Guard of an over 5,171 square mile search area.  

Reportedly, Peale Jr.’s mother, Linda Peale, had a bad feeling when she didn’t hear from her son. Mrs. Peale stated that it was hard to describe the feeling, but that a “mama knows” when something is wrong. Peale failed to contact his mother to check on his dogs. 

Peale was enjoying the cruise with his domestic partner Jennilyn Blosser. Reportedly, Peale had been standing out on the balcony while his partner was asleep. When Blosser woke up and could not find Peale, she and other cruise shipmates searched the ship for him. When they were not able to find him, the ship’s captain was instructed to return to port in Norfolk, Virginia. 

Carnival Cruise Line then reportedly contacted the Coast Guard to report that a passenger had fallen overboard. Immediately after being notified, the Coast Guard dispatched rescue teams to look for the missing man. 

Blosser told the media that Peale’s fall was “an accident” and that he had “been drinking” the night before, which led her to speculate whether he may have been leaning over to be sick when he slipped into the ocean. 

Lt. Commander Christopher Hooper, of Coast Guard District Seven, expressed “sincere condolences to Peale’s family, and explained that the decision to call off a missing person search is never one “taken lightly.” 

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